Source code for sbmlsim.simulation.kisaos

"""Working with the KISAO ontology."""

from collections import namedtuple

import libsedml
from sbmlutils import log

[docs]logger = log.get_logger(__name__)
# ---------------- # KISAO MAPPINGS # ----------------
[docs]KISAOS_CVODE = [ "KISAO:0000019", # CVODE "KISAO:0000433", # CVODE-like method "KISAO:0000407", "KISAO:0000099", "KISAO:0000035", "KISAO:0000071", "KISAO:0000288", # "BDF" cvode, stiff=true "KISAO:0000280", # "Adams-Moulton" cvode, stiff=false ]
[docs]KISAOS_RK4 = [ "KISAO:0000032", # RK4 explicit fourth-order Runge-Kutta method "KISAO:0000064", # Runge-Kutta based method ]
[docs]KISAOS_RK45 = [ "KISAO:0000086", # RKF45 embedded Runge-Kutta-Fehlberg 5(4) method ]
[docs]KISAOS_LSODA = [ "KISAO:0000088", # roadrunner doesn't have an lsoda solver so use cvode ]
[docs]KISAOS_GILLESPIE = [ "KISAO:0000241", # Gillespie-like method "KISAO:0000029", "KISAO:0000319", "KISAO:0000274", "KISAO:0000333", "KISAO:0000329", "KISAO:0000323", "KISAO:0000331", "KISAO:0000027", "KISAO:0000082", "KISAO:0000324", "KISAO:0000350", "KISAO:0000330", "KISAO:0000028", "KISAO:0000038", "KISAO:0000039", "KISAO:0000048", "KISAO:0000074", "KISAO:0000081", "KISAO:0000045", "KISAO:0000351", "KISAO:0000084", "KISAO:0000040", "KISAO:0000046", "KISAO:0000003", "KISAO:0000051", "KISAO:0000335", "KISAO:0000336", "KISAO:0000095", "KISAO:0000022", "KISAO:0000076", "KISAO:0000015", "KISAO:0000075", "KISAO:0000278", ]
[docs]KISAOS_NLEQ = [ "KISAO:0000099", "KISAO:0000274", "KISAO:0000282", "KISAO:0000283", "KISAO:0000355", "KISAO:0000356", "KISAO:0000407", "KISAO:0000408", "KISAO:0000409", "KISAO:0000410", "KISAO:0000411", "KISAO:0000412", "KISAO:0000413", "KISAO:0000432", "KISAO:0000437", ]
# allowed algorithms for simulation type
# supported algorithm parameters
[docs]KISAOS_ALGORITHMPARAMETERS = { "KISAO:0000209": ("relative_tolerance", float), # the relative tolerance "KISAO:0000211": ("absolute_tolerance", float), # the absolute tolerance "KISAO:0000220": ("maximum_bdf_order", int), # the maximum BDF (stiff) order "KISAO:0000219": ( "maximum_adams_order", int, ), # the maximum Adams (non-stiff) order "KISAO:0000415": ( "maximum_num_steps", int, ), # the maximum number of steps that can be taken before exiting "KISAO:0000467": ( "maximum_time_step", float, ), # the maximum time step that can be taken "KISAO:0000485": ( "minimum_time_step", float, ), # the minimum time step that can be taken "KISAO:0000332": ( "initial_time_step", float, ), # the initial value of the time step for algorithms that change this value "KISAO:0000107": ( "variable_step_size", bool, ), # whether or not the algorithm proceeds with an adaptive step size or not "KISAO:0000486": ( "maximum_iterations", int, ), # [nleq] the maximum number of iterations the algorithm should take before exiting "KISAO:0000487": ("minimum_damping", float), # [nleq] minimum damping value "KISAO:0000488": ("seed", int), # the seed for stochastic runs of the algorithm }
[docs]def is_supported_algorithm_for_simulation_type(kisao, sim_type): """Check Algorithm Kisao Id is supported for simulation. :return: is supported :rtype: bool """ supported = [] if sim_type == libsedml.SEDML_SIMULATION_UNIFORMTIMECOURSE: supported = KISAOS_UNIFORMTIMECOURSE elif sim_type == libsedml.SEDML_SIMULATION_ONESTEP: supported = KISAOS_ONESTEP elif sim_type == libsedml.SEDML_SIMULATION_STEADYSTATE: supported = KISAOS_STEADYSTATE return kisao in supported
[docs]def integrator_from_kisao(kisao: str): """Get RoadRunner integrator name for algorithm KisaoID. :param kisao: KisaoID :type kisao: str :return: RoadRunner integrator name. :rtype: str """ if kisao in KISAOS_NLEQ: return "nleq2" if kisao in KISAOS_CVODE: return "cvode" if kisao in KISAOS_GILLESPIE: return "gillespie" if kisao in KISAOS_RK4: return "rk4" if kisao in KISAOS_RK45: return "rk45" if kisao in KISAOS_LSODA: logger.warning("Roadrunner does not support LSODA. Using CVODE instead.") return "cvode" # just use cvode return None
[docs]def algorithm_parameter_to_parameter_key(par): """Resolve the mapping between parameter keys and roadrunner integrator keys.""" ParameterKey = namedtuple("ParameterKey", "key value dtype") kisao = par.getKisaoID() value = par.getValue() if kisao in KISAOS_ALGORITHMPARAMETERS: # algorithm parameter is in the list of parameters key, dtype = KISAOS_ALGORITHMPARAMETERS[kisao] if dtype is bool: # transform manually ! (otherwise all strings give True) if value == "true": value = True elif value == "false": value = False else: # cast to data type of parameter value = dtype(value) return ParameterKey(key, value, dtype) else: # algorithm parameter not supported logger.warning(f"Unsupported AlgorithmParameter: {kisao} = {value})") return None