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"""Create report of simulation experiments."""
import json
import os
import shutil
import sys
from enum import Enum
from pathlib import Path
from typing import Dict, Optional

import jinja2
from sbmlutils import log
from sbmlutils.console import console

from sbmlsim import RESOURCES_DIR, __version__
from sbmlsim.experiment import ExperimentResult, SimulationExperiment
from sbmlsim.model import AbstractModel

[docs]logger = log.get_logger(__name__)
[docs]TEMPLATE_PATH = RESOURCES_DIR / "templates"
[docs]class ReportResults: """Results for a ExperimentReport.""" def __init__(self): """Construct ReportResults.""" Dict[str, Dict] = {}
[docs] def to_json(self, json_path: Path): """Write to JSON.""" with open(json_path, "w") as fp: json.dump(fp,, indent=2) # type: ignore
[docs] def from_json(json_path: Path) -> "ReportResults": """Read from JSON.""" with open(json_path, "r") as fp: data = json.load(fp) results = ReportResults() = data return results
[docs] def add_experiment_result(self, exp_result: ExperimentResult): """Retrieve information for report from the ExperimentResult.""" experiment: SimulationExperiment = exp_result.experiment abs_path = exp_result.output_path rel_path = Path(".") exp_id = experiment.sid # model links models = {} for model_key, model in experiment.models().items(): if isinstance(model, (Path, str)): model_path = Path(model) elif isinstance(model, AbstractModel): model_path = model.source.path # type: ignore models[model_key] = Path(os.path.relpath(model_path, str(abs_path))) # code path code_path = sys.modules[experiment.__module__].__file__ with open(code_path, "r") as f_code: code = code_path = Path(os.path.relpath(code_path, str(abs_path))) # type: ignore datasets = { key: rel_path / f"{exp_id}_{key}.tsv" for key in experiment._datasets.keys() } # parse meta data for figures (mapping based on figure keys) figures = { key: rel_path / f"{exp_id}_{key}" for key in experiment._mpl_figures.keys() }[exp_id] = { "exp_id": exp_id, "models": models, "datasets": datasets, "figures": figures, "code_path": code_path, "code": code, }
[docs]class ExperimentReport: """Report for an experiment."""
[docs] class ReportType(Enum): """Type of report."""
[docs] MARKDOWN = 1
[docs] HTML = 2
[docs] LATEX = 3
def __init__( self, results: ReportResults, metadata: Dict = None, template_path=TEMPLATE_PATH ): """Construct an ExperimentReport.""" if isinstance(results, list): # FIXME: just a bugfix for handling the old outputs report_results = ReportResults() for exp_result in results: report_results.add_experiment_result(exp_result=exp_result) else: report_results = results self.data_dict = ( ) # dictionary of exp_ids and information for report rendering self.metadata = metadata if metadata else dict() self.template_path = template_path
[docs] def create_report( self, output_path: Path, filename: Optional[str] = None, report_type: ReportType = ReportType.HTML, f_filter_context: Optional[Dict] = None, **kwargs, ) -> Path: """Create report of SimulationExperiments. Processes ExperimentResults to generate overall report. All relative paths only can be resolved in the report if the paths are below the report or at the same level in the file hierarchy. """ env = jinja2.Environment( loader=jinja2.FileSystemLoader(str(self.template_path)), extensions=[], trim_blocks=True, lstrip_blocks=True, ) def write_report(filename: str, context: Dict, template_str: str) -> Path: """Write the report file from given context and template.""" template = env.get_template(template_str) text = template.render(context) suffix = template_str.split(".")[-1] out_file: Path = output_path / f"{filename}.{suffix}" with open(out_file, "w") as f_out: f_out.write(text) return out_file if report_type == self.ReportType.HTML: suffix = "html" elif report_type == self.ReportType.MARKDOWN: suffix = "md" elif report_type == self.ReportType.LATEX: suffix = "tex" if report_type in [self.ReportType.HTML, self.ReportType.MARKDOWN]: # report for individual simulation experiment for exp_id, context in self.data_dict.items(): write_report( filename=f"{exp_id}/{exp_id}", context=context, template_str=f"experiment.{suffix}", ) # index file context = { "version": __version__, "data": self.data_dict, } filename = filename if filename is not None else "index" # for latex report the pngs have to be collected with correct paths # adapt context if report_type == self.ReportType.LATEX: if f_filter_context: # filter subset of figures # FIXME: more robust f_filter_context(self.data_dict) # collect and copy figures context["latex_path_prefix"] = kwargs.get("latex_path_prefix", "") figure_base_path = output_path / f"{filename}_figures" if not figure_base_path.exists(): figure_base_path.mkdir(parents=True) for exp_id, exp_context in self.data_dict.items(): for fig_path in exp_context["figures"].values(): shutil.copy( str(output_path / exp_id / f"{fig_path}.png"), str(figure_base_path / f"{fig_path}.png"), ) output_path = write_report( filename=filename, context=context, template_str=f"index.{suffix}" )"Report created: 'file://{output_path}'") return output_path